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What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag – a world wide phenomenon and sport. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and is it safe? Find some answers here! If you would like to know more, have specific questions or want to try the game – give us a call on 01475 783004!

Laser Tag – The Game

Laser Tag is a fun, fast-paced game usually played in designated laser tag arenas using laser guns (so called “phasers”) and a vest with sensors. Arenas can be outside or indoors. Laser Tag can be played just for fun or also as a sport, as an individual player or as part of a team. The idea was first used by the military in the late 70s to develop a more realistic training and combat scenario.

Laser Tag – The Technology

Laser Tag uses hand guns which emit a laser and an infrared signal tracker. While the visible laser is only used for targeting and effect, the infrared tracker sends out information every time the laser is fired. This information are then collected by a central computer which allocates hits to the players who fired the laser and hit the targets.

This system makes Laser tag an absolutely safe game and suitable even for younger kids.

Laser Tag – The Rules

The rules of the game can vary widely depending on the equipment used and individual agreements between the players. Amount of lifes, the effect the tagging will have on the tagged person, firing rate and so on can be discussed and altered according to players levels, experience and length of a match.

There are certain speciality games which are common pretty much around the world, such as “Capture the flag” (a player must steal the opponent’s flag and return it to their own base and protect it), “Protect the VIP” (hide, conceal and defend the life of a VIP person), “Capture the Base” (attacking and conquering the opponent’s base while defending your won base) and many other.

Physical contact between the players is not allowed and may result in a penalty.

Laser Tag vs Paintball

Compared to paintball, where small balls filled with paint are shot from a gun (which can hurt when hitting the body) laser tag is completely pain free. It is also a much cleaner affair, since the infrared rays or the laser shot from the phasers do not stain clothing or skin.


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